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Funny how marriage works
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Funny How Marriage Works Tour

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Funny How Marriage Works Tour

Upcoming Live Events

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Looking for a unique, transformative event that will engage your community and strengthen the marriages within your congregation? At little-to-no cost to your church, host a Funny How Marriage Works event. Experience a distinctive blend of comedy and marriage insights that promises lasting impact.

Get 4 Things to Improve Your Marriage RIGHT NOW

In these four short-but-packed videos, Michael Jr. and Ebony share their top four tips to improve a marriage. 

It might not be what you expect, but these four tips are sure to make a change.

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Now We're Cooking:
The Benefits of Conflict

In this 7 part series, Michael Jr. and his wife Ebony combine cooking and comedy to help explain and demonstrate how to use the conflicts in your relationship to create the marriage you’ve always wanted.
The Benefits of Conflict
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We are launching this community because we believe that Marriage Works. Marriage takes work, but marriage works. Your marriage was designed and intended to help you become exactly who you are supposed to be.

We bring together married Christian couples to share practical, applicable, and often hysterical ways, to deepen their connection so that marriages can be exceedingly and abundantly greater.

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