Now We're Cooking: The Benefits of Conflict

Learn from Michael Jr and Ebony how you can utilize the benefits of conflict to enjoy your marriage like never before.​
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Conflict can unlock a better marriage.

Cook some delicious food in the kitchen, sit at the table to dive a little deeper, and then engage with some questions and exercises that will lead to growth in your marriage.

Cooking, Comedy, and a Fresh Perspective on Conflict

We’re cooking up a multi-course meal while working through seven important and in-depth marriage concepts. You can follow along and have an exceptional meal with your spouse while learning the tools to have an abundantly greater marriage.

“Essential learning for how to effectively communicate with your spouse.”

Could you experience greater joy in your marriage?

If you’re like most, there are issues in your marriage you may not even be aware of…and they hold you back from greater joy together.

Conflict is inevitable in every marriage. But how you choose to view it and use it is your choice. 

This course helps both partners grow awareness of their own issues, preferences, and vision for marriage. You’ll go deep and practice the skills necessary for a close, joyful marriage.

“We’ve tried all the strategies, and I feel my marriage is falling apart.”

In this course, we buck a lot of the conventional marriage advice and get real—very real—so that you and your spouse can find true freedom through conflict (and without compromise). 

“No matter what, we end up in the same place after an argument.” 

If you find yourself in an argument that ends up in the same place over and over again, this might be the course for you. Rather than spinning your wheels, try something new. This course offers you insights that you probably have never heard before, and it’s our desire that it will change your approach to your spouse and marriage for the better.

“But my spouse won’t want to do a marriage course.”

We get it—most marriage help comes in the form of books, therapy offices, or other drag-your-spouse-along venues. This course is full of food, comedy, unconventional advice and honest stories. You could pitch the idea like you’re just watching a cooking show. Start making the Salmon Canopes in Episode 1, and they might want to come around and see what you’re doing.

Why a cooking show format?

In our experience, marriage conversations—the ones that go deep—tend to happen around a meal.

We all know that food has a way of bringing people together. We’ve had countless conversations and breakthroughs with friends discussing marriage topics around a table at our house. And we thought, instead of experiencing these things with just a few, why don’t we bring it to YOU.

Ebony has a degree in culinary arts and is an outstanding cook (maybe that’s why our friends keep coming over for free “therapy”). I’ve spent over 30 years giving people an opportunity to laugh through comedy. In helping couples just like you, I’ve been able to view their obstacle or current situation as their punchline. With this mindset, I’ve been able to perceive what may have been the ‘setup’ that might have led to the current issue these couples have been facing. This gift has caused my wife and I to develop this content with you in mind. 

We thought, “Hey, let’s make a multiple-course meal while we talk about important marriage topics in front of a camera.” And boom—you’ve got the first marriage course/cooking show on the internet. On top of that, we brought an actual real-life married couple with an actual issue to our table and walked through the issue with them. You will be able to watch in real time as this couple walks through the steps we share in the course and experience freedom and breakthrough at a completely new level — what started as an enjoyable dinner with great food and laughter soon turned into a greater level of peace and intimacy for this married couple. 

To whet your appetite, here are the courses we’ll be cooking up:

  •  Salmon Canapés
  • Goat Cheese, Pear and Candied Pecan Salad
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
  • Roasted Butterflied Lemon Pepper Chicken with Root Veggies
  • Freeform Apple Tart with Homemade Caramel Sauce

Transforming marriages like yours

Who is Michael Jr and Ebony?

We’re married. Raised 5 kids. And still love our marriage. Michael Jr is a comedic thought leader who has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central, BET’s ComicView, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more.

In this stage of life, Michael Jr and Ebony feel called to bring together married Christian couples to share practical and applicable ways to deepen their connection so that marriages can be exceedingly and abundantly greater.

What's in the course?

The course is made up of 7 in-depth modules, including over 3.5 hours of video content. Each lesson includes a video, digital workbook, ingredient lists, and prompts to practice what you’re learning with your spouse and/or group.

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness in the midst of conflict
  • Learn how to identify when one of your buttons has been pushed
  • Unpack the instinctive thinking attached to blame game in marriage
  • Engage with your conflicts in a new, healthier way
  • Watch a real-life married couple work through an issue using the concepts learned in this course
  • Learn how to be more vulnerable with your spouse
  • Evaluate areas in your life where compromise might not be the best course of action

Invest in your marriage

Join us for a time to cook some delicious food in the kitchen, sit at the table to dive a little deeper and then engage with some questions and exercises that will lead to growth in your marriage.