Now We’re Cooking: Turn Conflict into Connection

Join Michael Jr. and Ebony for all the ingredients you need to create a healthier and stronger marriage.
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Conflict can lead to a healthier marriage.

We get it: no one likes confrontation. But avoiding conflict in our most important relationship actually creates the distance we're afraid of. So, we created a created a course that'll keep you laughing as we share our recipe for turning conflict into connection to strengthen your marriage.

Cooking, Comedy, and a Fresh Perspective on Conflict

We’re cooking up a multi-course meal while teaching you seven essential marriage concepts. You’ll enjoy creating an exceptional meal with your spouse while gaining the tools for a stronger, more fulfilling marriage. We know no one loves conflict, so we’ve crafted the perfect setting for those important conversations. Cook, connect, and laugh together as you rekindle your marriage!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Both partners will learn to identify issues, preferences, and visions for your marriage.

“We’ve tried everything”

This course isn’t conventional marriage advice. It gets real—very real—so that you and your spouse can find true freedom through conflict (and without compromise).

“Arguments Always End The Same”

If every argument with your spouse feels like déjà vu, this course is for you. Instead of spinning your wheels, try a new approach with insights you’ve never heard before. Transform your conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.

“My Spouse Won’t Participate”

We understand—traditional marriage help can be a hard sell. This course, filled with food, comedy, and honest stories, is different. Pitch it as a fun cooking show starting with the Salmon Canapés in “Episode” 1.

Conflict is inevitable in every marriage. But how you choose to view it and use it is your choice.

Why Cooking?

Food has a way of bringing people together. We’ve had countless conversations and breakthroughs with friends discussing marriage topics around a table at our house. And we thought, instead of experiencing these things with just a few, why don’t we bring it to YOU.
Ebony has a degree in culinary arts and is an outstanding cook (maybe that’s why our friends keep coming over for free “therapy”). Michael Jr. has spent over 30 years making people laugh through comedy, helping couples view their obstacles or current situations as their punchline.
This hands-on course helps remove a couple’s hesitations and fears of conflict and sets the table (see what we did there?) to have the conversations you need to build a better marriage.
To whet your appetite, here are the lessons we’ll be cooking up:
  • Salmon Canapés
  • Goat Cheese, Pear and Candied Pecan Salad
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
  • Roasted Butterflied Lemon Pepper Chicken with Root Veggies
  • Freeform Apple Tart with Homemade Caramel Sauce

What's Members are Saying

Meet Michael Jr & Ebony

We’re married. Raised 5 kids. And still love our marriage. Michael Jr is a comedic thought leader who has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central, BET’s ComicView, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more.
In this stage of life, Michael Jr and Ebony feel called to bring together married Christian couples to share practical and applicable ways to deepen their connection so that marriages can be exceedingly and abundantly greater.

What's Inside

With 7 in-depth modules, including videos, a digital workbook, ingredient lists, and prompts to practice what you’re learning with your spouse and/or group, Now We’re Cooking will help you…
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness during conflict
  • Learn how to identify when one of your buttons has been pushed
  • Stop playing the blame game in your marriage
  • Evaluate areas in your life where compromise might not be the best course of action
  • Deepen your relationship with your spouse by learning to be more vulnerable
  • And more!

Invest in your marriage

Join us for a time to cook some delicious food in the kitchen, sit at the table to dive a little deeper and then engage with some questions and exercises that will lead to growth in your marriage.

Have The Best Marriage Possible!

Join us and discover how conflict can lead to a better marriage (and lots of delicious food)!

Now We're Cooking


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  • Digital Workbook
  • Ingredient lists
  • Action prompts


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